Integrative medicine is an unique approach which allows us to provide a higher standard of care. We go beyond the treatment of symptoms and find the root cause of a problem. We focus on the whole horse with a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities to achieve optimal results.

  • Combines both conventional medicine and complementary medicine to promote healing and prevention of injury.
  • Advanced equine acupuncture and spinal manipulation facilitate the diagnosis and treatment for healing the whole horse.
  • Customized medical care based on the individual horse’s needs and limitations to prevent, predict and improve lameness and disease detection.

Acupuncture, spinal manipulation and other complementary approaches are used in synergy with traditional medicine to enhance diagnosis and treatment. Acupuncture provides multiple benefits to the horse and can aid in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of equine conditions. With a correct evaluation, many medical and lameness conditions can be treated effectively with acupuncture.

When used as part of a diagnostic evaluation, acupuncture can be an effective tool in helping to determine the cause of lameness or poor performance. The interpretation of the ‘reactivity’ or sensitivity of specific acupuncture points can be used as an aid in the diagnosis and location of lameness and medical conditions. For example, specific reactive points on the body can be diagnostic for foot, hock, back, stifle problems or GI disorders.

Acupuncture changes the electrical conductivity or resistance of specific sites on the horse’s body, that lead to energy flow, or Chi throughout the body. These sites relate to different systems in the body, such as the neurological, endocrine and musculoskeletal systems.

Acupuncture reduces pain and inflammation by stimulating the nervous system along the energy flow pathways to release naturally occurring analgesic ‘endorphins’. Acupuncture can work at the local level (direct pain relief – trigger points) or indirectly (along the energy pathways to the brain – AP points). It has also been shown to be helpful in the treatment of arthritis and soft tissue issues. It may also be helpful in the treatment of nonsurgical colic, poor appetite, COPD, immune issues, EPM, anxiety, skin and eye problems, to name a few.

As a treatment, protocols that utilize acupuncture can be used to aid medical and lameness issues, enhance performance, improve behavior problems, and help maintain the overall symmetry of the whole horse. Regular treatments speed recovery and maintain general wellness.

Equine spinal manipulation (often referred to as “Chiropractic“) treats joints and soft tissues that have a reduced range of motion or are restricted. Areas of restriction and decreased joint mobility can lead to muscle spasms, inflammation of nerves and decreased function of muscles and joints, resulting in pain. It provides specialized treatment of musculoskeletal, neurological and joint problems causing poor performance.

A spinal adjustment causes reflex relaxation of affected muscles and increased spinal and joint mobility, as well as improving local nerve function. The goal of successful spinal manipulation is to reduce pain and restore normal muscle tone. Safe and effective spinal manipulation requires an in depth veterinary knowledge of anatomy and joint biomechanics and does not require excessive force. A complete musculoskeletal exam and imaging, if indicated, should be performed before spinal adjustment.

The use of acupuncture combined with spinal manipulation techniques enhance the effects of each when used separately. Acupuncture relaxes muscle spasms and trigger points enabling a more gentle spinal manipulation technique. The two techniques used together offer a different perspective on lameness diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

We are increasingly observing the value of combining acupuncture and spinal manipulation prior to competition to help sport horses perform their best without using prohibited medications (FEI) or therapies prior to competition.

This ‘synergy effect’ is especially useful when conventional treatments and medicine are not effective.
Acupuncture and spinal manipulation treatments are an integral part of our rehabilitation programs as an effective way to decrease pain, inflammation, and restore symmetrical motion throughout the healing process.

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