Dr. Moretta has practices in both Wellington, Florida and Thomasville, PA. To contact Dr. Moretta directly or set up an appointment, call 717-873-1068 or amoretta@wellingtonequinesportsmedicine.com.

With over 35 years experience in equine sports medicine focusing on racehorses, performance horse sales consulting, and sport horses of all disciplines and breeds, Anne Moretta, VMD, MS, brings a truly comprehensive approach to Wellington Equine Sports Medicine. Her primary interests are in diagnosis and treatment of complex biomechanical, musculoskeletal and lameness issues, poor performance problem and the use of acupuncture for pain relief. Dr. Moretta works with top- level horses both nationally and internationally. She provides in-depth lameness work-ups, imaging, pre-purchase exams and has a special interest in metabolic and other medical conditions that can affect your horse’s performance. Dr. Moretta provides an integrated picture of your horse to help your equine partner achieve optimum health and overall peak performance.

Dr. Moretta attended the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine and New Bolton Center. While at New Bolton she completed advanced equine clinical work and participated in several equine medical and orthopedic research projects. Dr. Moretta currently practices in Wellington, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Vermont, Saratoga and Europe.

Dr. Moretta’s background as a professional hunter/jumper rider and owner, trainer and breeder of sport horses and Hanoverians broadens her perspective on many aspects of sport horse issues. She travels internationally as a consultant on various aspects of equine sports medicine and provides top quality services at major east coast equestrian events. Dr. Moretta is a past president of the Florida Association of Equine Practitioners and is passionate about her approach to equine performance evaluation and equine welfare.

She is internationally trained in advanced equine acupuncture and can use a complementary approach to maintain your horse’s comfort and soundness. She enhances her traditional veterinary practice with an Eastern approach especially when conventional treatment and medicines are not effective.

Dr. Moretta merges conservative, traditional medicine with complementary diagnostic and treatment techniques. She finds that they both enhance each other. Dr. Moretta’s training in Eastern medicine gives her a different feel and a different perspective for the individual.

In the last ten years, Dr. Moretta’s clients have increasingly seen the value in acupuncture prior to competition to help sport horses with neck, back and musculoskeletal comfort and as an alternative to banned substances.

Dr. Moretta provides quality personalized care for competitors at all levels. She enjoys taking time to educate clients and working with referring veterinarians.

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